Frequently Asked Questions:

What Tours Do You Offer?

We currently offer a rotation of historical walking tours, as well as private tours upon request. Our public tours are all name your own price; our private tours have an upfront cost depending on length, number of people, content, etc. 

What Does "Name Your Own Price" Mean?

You pay however much you think the tour is worth! At the end of the tour, your guide will accept tips in cash or on venmo @PrettyGoodToursNYC. 

OK, But Seriously. How Much Should I Really Pay?

We truly believe it is up to you. When we are continually pressed on this question, we generally recommend: $10-20 per person for adults (assuming you found the tour to be of good value), and $5-10 per person for seniors, students, and children under 12.  But we can't stress enough that we are happy to accommodate every budget! 

What Happens If It Rains?

Our tours are on rain or shine! If however, the weather calls for unsafe conditions (severe thunderstorms or flooding), we will send a cancellation email via Eventbrite. We generally make this call around 1-2 hours before the tour starts, so if there is heavy rain and thunderstorms, please be sure to check your email! If you signed up for our food tour and we have to cancel due to extreme weather, you will receive a refund within 5-7 business days.  

I'm Running Late. The Subways. Oof. Can I Still Catch the Tour?

We recommend that you plan on arriving 10 minutes before the tour starts. We'll always be at the meeting location until at least 5 minutes after. If you will be later than that, you can text the guide at any time, and they'll hopefully be able to direct your to the tour's location. You'll receive the guide's phone number in the confirmation email sent a few hours before the tour begins. 

How Many People Will There Be On The Tour?

Attendance varies based on seasons, weather, time, and whether or not mercury is in retrograde, but our tours generally range from 5-15 people. We intentionally keep our tours small, and cap each tour at 20 people to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone. On holiday weekends and around the holidays our tours are generally closer to our maximum, so we highly encourage you sign up early!

I Loved the Tour, But I Don't Carry Cash Because It's 2020 and I Have Surrendered to the Robot and Algorithm Overlords. How Can I Pay You?

We also accept venmo @PrettyGoodToursNYC!

I'm Coming To New York in a Few Months, But I Don't See Any Tours Listed. When Will You Have Those Tours Posted?

Since we are a small (really, tiny) business, it is hard for us to plan further than one month in advance. However, please email us at, and we can give you a better idea of what our availability might be. If we are available during your requested dates, we can likely ensure that the tour of your preference will be available during your visit!

How Can I Stay Up to Date with Everything PrettyGoodToursNYC?

We encourage everyone to subscribe to our email list (we send something 1-2 times a month), and if you are on instagram, to follow us @PrettyGoodToursNYC. If you had a particularly enjoyable time, we also welcome Yelp reviews. As a newer, growing business, positive reviews are essential to helping us maintain our operation. If you had a negative experience we are of course open to any and all feedback, and particularly welcome constructive criticism in our quest to provide the best tour experience possible. And for any further info, recommendations, etc., always feel free to email us at: 

I Particularly Loved the Books You Incorporated Into the Tour. Where Can I Find More Info About Those, and Further Recommendations?

Email us whenever at:!