Tours Offered

To see the next time one of our tours are being offered, check out our calendar. We try to accommodate any and all requests, so if you're interested in any of the tours below, feel free to send us an email

Greenwich Village Tour

This tour explores the cultural significance of the "bohemian" capital of America, specifically during the 1960s. We visit notable music and literary haunts, discuss urban planning and preservation, and highlight some of the legendary individuals who made "The Village" one of the most remarkable places and moods in American history. 

Offered: Several times per month

Union Square, Broadway, and SoHo

Visit some of the more notable locales of New York and learn about a crucial period of city development, as we chronicle how New York grew from a run-of-the-mill east coast urban settlement to arguably the greatest city on earth. Full of interesting trivia and lesser-known, but undoubtedly vital (and juicy!) anecdotes. A fascinating historical look at areas that can't totally hide its past.

Offered: Approximately once a month, usually on a Saturday

East Village Sights and Sounds

From its serene former life as sparsely settled farmland, to the counter-culture movements generated in St. Mark's Place and Tompkins Square Park to revered old world bakeries and diners, this tour is excited to showcase the rich history of a neighborhood that has exhibited has truly worn hundreds of different indentities over the past few centuries, and is thus arguably a quintessential portrait of our city.

Offered: Several times a year, usually around holiday weekends 

The NYC Diner Tour

From solitary eggs and toast to memorable late night hangs to infinite movie cameos, New York City Diners are an essential, albeit fading, component of NYC culture and attitude. This tour charts the rise of the "everything restaurant," celebrates its heyday in the second part of the 20th century, and examines the current state of the diner amidst the ever-changing economic conditions and everyday priorities of the city and its residents.

Offered: Upon request 

Jewish Lower East Side Tour

This tour tells the story of the Lower East Side's development and crucial place in Jewish American history; starting from the major immigration waves from Eastern Europe in the early 1880s, through the 20th century and up until present day. A tour that's compelling, heartbreaking, funny, and everything in between. Pickles and candy store, galore! 

Offered: 1-2 Sundays per month  

Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Starting in Brooklyn Heights, this tour tells the unlikely, drama-filled story of one of the world's most iconic landmarks. You'll learn about the important people, places, and ideas that made the building of this bridge (thought by many, impossible), possible. And of course, you'll walk over the world-famous bridge.   

Offered: Approximately once a month, from Late March-Early November

Stories from Little Italy

Between 1880-1924, over 4 million Italians immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. Many settled in the neighborhood in downtown Manhattan eventually dubbed Little Italy. This tour will visit the churches, restaurants, and infamous locales that cultivated the neighborhood's character and attitude--an attitude and way of life that, from caprese to cannolis, is still honored and celebrated today!

Offered: Upon request 

Jewish Organized Crime Tour

PrettyGoodToursNYC Founder and Tour Guide Lance, a Lower East Side Resident, has become fascinated by the "Jewish Gangsters" that once dominated the economic life of the Lower East Side and East Brooklyn. This unique tour chronicles some of the key locations, people, and motivations behind what was once a very real reality of Jewish American life. 

Offered: Upon request